Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Another Great Night in Rochester! Another Great Night in Rochester!

Well here we are, back from another successful pilgrimage to that wonderful refuge for jazz lovers in upstate New York, Rochester. Seriously, it’s like our home away from home… just on the other side of a very large lake. We’d like to thank everyone who came out to the German House to see us play to a packed Zeppa Auditorium. As you... 

Upcoming Shows, October 2014! Upcoming Shows, October 2014!

Those of you looking to see us play live can catch one of our two upcoming shows this October. The first is on October 18 in Rochester, NY, at the Zeppa Auditorium in the German House. The second is on October 25 at the John Lyman Center in New Haven, CT. Both shows start at 7:00 p.m. and we hope to see you there! Of course, if you don’t necessarily... 

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#480Facts – Buzz #480Facts – Buzz

We’re back from playing our latest show in Rochester, NY and are gearing up for our last stop of the season in New Haven, CT (which is this Saturday Oct. 25 if you’re around). But being that we like to keep busy, we’ve also put out a new addition to our #480Facts series, Buzz. Buzz was also on our first album (The Album, as you might... [Read more...]

#480Facts – Eastside #480Facts – Eastside

Even though we’ve been busy preparing for our last couple of shows for the year – and looking into dates for the 2015 tour season – we still had enough time to put together our first part of an ongoing series called #480Facts. The first video of the series features our breakout hit, Eastside, along with some fun factoids about how the song came... [Read more...]

Website Updates Website Updates

Hey all, If you’ve been to the website lately you might have noticed some small changes. This is all part of our ongoing effort to keep our fans informed of what we’re up to and keep our web presence updated. It seems we said something similar about four years ago, but this time we mean it. Really. So keep an eye on the site as we add more posts... [Read more...]

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