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Another busy summer…

L to R: Tony, Third, Rob, Tim, Matt in Wichita. Not pictured: Shilts, who was at the bar, natch.

…and I can’t believe it’s half over already!  After kicking things off in Windsor, ON, we went on a great little run with Shilts and Matt Marshak in the Mid-West.  Wonderful crowds, and great hangs.  Dodged some tornadoes and made some new friends.  We were treated very well!  Added another fabulous bass player to our roster – Tim George – a very bad man.

Next up, Colton’s Point, MD at the Potomac Jazz and Seafood Festival.  As promised, there was both jazz and seafood, and a beautiful day to enjoy them both.  Discovered some things about Third da drummer that I didn’t know before. Also discovered a very weird rest stop south of Buffalo that has a player grand piano in it.

Then back close to home for the Waterloo Uptown Jazz Festival… what a great crowd!  Our first time at that event, and hopefully the first of many. A chance to get tight with the Canadian band, whom we’ll be taking on the road with us for a bunch of the shows in August.

Hey, who's that? Oh, just STEVIE WONDER, getting ready to sit in with Rick Braun, Gerald Albright and Peter White. That big security dude didn't like me.

Which brings us to the present… flew back this morning from LA, where we played at JazzFest West for the first time yesterday.  Killer band – Marcus Anderson (sax), Darryl Williams (bass), Tony Moore (drums) and Mick Taras (guitar).  Short set, but we packed in as much as we could, and the crowd seemed to dig us.  Got to catch Babyface’s set… man, that guy has a lot of hits under his belt!  I mean for real.  Puts on a slick show, too.  A great afternoon to hang out before heading back to LAX…VIP tent BBQ, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, special surprise guests, getting some sunscreen on just a little too late, meeting a bunch of amazing musicians.  Many thanks to April Bennett for taking such good care of us… we’ll definitely call you next time we’re down there!

Now for a couple of weeks at home, then back at it!


  1. Can’t wait to have you guys here in Altamonte Springs, Florida for Jazz Jams Uptown on August 20th. Should be the largest crowd of the series for the final show of 2011. Have a great August and we’ll see you in a few weeks.

  2. The crew is setting up equipment in the ballroom for tonights Tucson concert. Saw 3 members of the band in the lobby but not Matt. Will go down in a bit to listen in on the soundcheck. Can’t wait for the concert. We have seen Matt and Neaman Lyles before and they are both great!

  3. I discovered you guys on Pandora somehow. Rest is history. So its usually you guys and my wife is into Jason Aldean’s station which is cool . So thats what’s always playing in the house.
    Please schedule Houston Tx. Rodeo’s coming up soon, I got to go three times a year,please help me balance things out! If you have a fan club please email. My wife will keep up with your tours.

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