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The Calm Before the Storm

Three weeks until the release of Off Duty, and so much to be done!  So what are we doing? Relaxing, of course!  Cottaging, camping, hanging out and enjoying life.  ‘Cause really, summers are short enough around here, and ya gotta get it while the gettin’s good.  And the gettin’ is good, make no mistake. I don’t think I’ve worn shoes since May.

Before we know it, the days will be shortening, the winds will be changing, and the alarm-setting mornings of Autumn will be upon us once again.  I know I’ll have to face it inevitably, but please – won’t you let me linger in denial for just a little longer?


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  1. Fricken awesome album, thanks. I’m old, don’t make me wait so long….. Is there some Ritenour influence sprinkled in there on Sandbar? And for the love of vodka and vaporizers can you make it back to San Diego some time soon?

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