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Four80East Music Store is Now Open!

You can now download our entire catalogue directly from the source… this site!  Mix and match singles and albums – whatever you want, go and grab it!  All tracks are encoded as very high-bitrate MP3s, equal or better quality than iTunes.


  1. Hey guys! Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your music. Your unique blend of styles and expert production make your music such a blast to listen to.

    My favorite track of yours is Waterline; but honestly I enjoy all of your music; it’s my soundtrack for driving to the mountain during ski season.

    Keep on making the music; I’ll keep on listening.

    All the best to you up there in Toronto.


  2. Been a fan since early 2000. My first thought was Wooooooooooooow, my second thought was 480 has to be the address of a studio, and these guys must live there. As long as I’m walking upright I’ll be listening.

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