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Another Great Night in Rochester!

The German House in Rochester, NY
The German House in Rochester, NY. Facing out from the stage.

Well here we are, back from another successful pilgrimage to that wonderful refuge for jazz lovers in upstate New York, Rochester. Seriously, it’s like our home away from home… just on the other side of a very large lake.

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to the German House to see us play to a packed Zeppa Auditorium. As you can see, the venue was nice and intimate, but more than spacious enough to hold a few hundred of our loyal fans. There was grooving, and dancing, and even a little group singing for a surprise finale number… if you weren’t there, we’ll have videos up soon enough hopefully. We’ve just got to unpack some things first.

Also, special thanks to Jeff Kashiwa and the rest of the guys who joined us on stage to deliver such a fine night of music and good times. If you weren’t able to make it, hopefully you can see us in New Haven this Saturday, October 25. If you can’t make that, then you’ll just have to wait until we announce the tour dates for 2015. Keep coming back for more news about that and the new album.

Wait, talks of a new album?! Before you start asking questions, let us just say that you will be the first to know once we’re ready to start generating some serious buzz about our latest project. And speaking of Buzz, have you seen the latest #480Facts video?

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