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New Album, New Tour Dates

Recording a new album

Hi Four80East Fans!

Has everyone adjusted to writing 2015 on their checks and at the tops of their assignment sheets? We hope so, and we hope that you’ve all been making the most of the first two weeks of the year so far. While we might not have the hoverboards that Marty McFly promised us, that’s no reason to sulk.

So, as it’s been a while since we were Off Duty, we’ve been staying productive by working on … *drumroll* … a new album! We’re not sure what to call it yet. “The New Album” perhaps. But suffice it to say that the important work — the part where we get down to making sweet original music — has already begun.

We’re planning for a summer release on this one, but we can’t promise a date just yet.

As for our plans for the rest of the year, we have confirmed three new U.S. tour stops in July, all within three days of each other! Friday, July 10th we’ll be in Winston-Salem for the Downtown Jazz Series, starting our show at 6:30 p.m. On Saturday we will be in Maryland, taking the stage at the Lake Arbor Jazz Festival at 6 p.m. Then on Sunday we’re in Louisville, Kentucky to play at Jerry Green and Friends at 8 p.m.

Check our Facebook page for more info on these events. And of course there’s more news to come, regarding both our new album and this year’s tour dates. We’ll keep you posted!


  1. Looking forward to the new album this summer. I have all 6 prior releases on CD and luv every single one. I know that a lot of people simply download the music but for us CD lovers, could you package any future releases in plastic jewel cases which are much more durable and can be replaced rather than those cheap cardboard ones. ‘Roll On’ and ‘Off Duty’ were packaged in the cheap cardboard ones which get bent in shipping and worn out quickly.

  2. Anciously waiting for it!!! Coming to Europe this summer. I’ll be at the San Javier Jazzfestival en excellent location for you guys.
    greetz from Belgium

  3. Really enjoy you’re music. Hope you guys plan a trip to Texas sometime. I have a Pandora four80east station that introduced me to even more cool music. Look forward to hearing the new release.

  4. Greetings,

    I love your music. Please offer the catalog in a lossless file format (FLAC). The sounds quality is far superior.


  5. Looking forward to seeing you at the Lake Arbor festival. This is a treat and an accomplishment for me. You all are one of my must see artist. Thanks for choosing the Maryland area to perform.

    – Sharon

  6. From the first album to “Off Duty’ ,i have all the music and looking to see the live concert in Charlotte N.C. in July.

  7. When are you guys coming to the Chateau Ste Michelle Winery Jazz festival in Woodinville WA , right outside of Seattle. Love to see you guys in the NW.

  8. Hey Rob And Fellow Jazz Heads, My Wife And I Met You At Water Street Music Hall In Rochester NY Couple Yrs Ago, Love The New CD Its KickASS Hope You Guys Come Back Soon, Wed Love To See You Again, Butch & Maleia Hobson

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