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A Very Cool Milestone…

2015-07-26 19.01.02
Teja Veal, lucky #100!

Although Four80East is technically a duo, that configuration only works in the studio; we typically perform live as a 6-piece band. When we starting touring more intensively a few years ago, we quickly realized that the most efficient way to do it was to use local backing musicians wherever possible. At first, we were a bit nervous about constantly using new players, but that has become one of the things we love most about what we do! There are so many amazing, talented artists out there who, quite frankly, raise the level of our game every time we hit the stage. We now have a roster of go-to musicians scattered all over North America, as well as some in Europe. Nevertheless, we still find ourselves meeting and playing with new people fairly regularly. In fact, tonight in Birmingham, we played with a whole new backing band out of Atlanta, and as a result, we ticked over the ONE HUNDRED musician mark! Yes, over one hundred musicians have learned our tunes, given their talents and supported us on stage. To mark this milestone, we’d like to acknowledge them all in this post. We have tried to make the list below as complete as possible, but if we’ve forgotten anyone, please let us know!


  • Giampaolo Scatozza
  • Third Richardson
  • Clyde Davis
  • Chris Miskel
  • Calvin Napper
  • Melvin Baldwin
  • Omari Williams
  • Rocky Bryant
  • Tony Lee
  • Dave Hooper
  • Gerry Brown
  • Michael Alexander
  • Greg Black
  • Chris Marshak
  • Carl Anderson
  • Khari Parker
  • CJ Thompson
  • Max Senitt
  • Tony Moore
  • Lionel Cordew
  • Curtis Weeks
  • Deszon Claiborne
  • Curtis Nowosad
  • Marc Parnell
  • Dave Reinhardt
  • Marcus Finnie
  • Quan Dillard
  • Tim Steele
  • Chris Wright
  • PJ Scraggins


  • Caner Ustundag
  • Rich Brown
  • Andrew Stewart
  • Steve Pelletier
  • Vernon Barbary
  • Dave Hiltebrand
  • John Dillard
  • Xavier Chisholm
  • Trey Gilbert
  • Darryl Williams
  • Douglas Barnett
  • John Menzano
  • Aaron Baugh
  • Pat Carey
  • Karl Kohut
  • Kenny Harris
  • Terrance Palmer
  • Tim George
  • Victor Little
  • Julian Bradford
  • Justin Gray
  • Nathaniel Kearney
  • Phil Raney
  • Frank Felix
  • Anthony Mackie (Mack)
  • Gunter Asbeck
  • David Dyson
  • CJ Mercer Jr.
  • Teja Veal


  • Jack Trentman
  • Andrew Scott
  • Emile Dion
  • Greg Lowe
  • Matt Marshak
  • Nate Najar
  • Peter Mongaya Hogsholm
  • Mike Hart
  • Chris Knox Sr.
  • Nils
  • Gerey Johnson
  • Dustin Hofsess
  • Mick Taras
  • Ross Bolton
  • Lorn Leber
  • Aaron Shorr
  • Carl Burnett
  • JJ Sansaverino
  • Mark Jackson
  • Martin Feske
  • Justin Michael


  • Jon Stewart
  • Shilts
  • Marcus Anderson
  • Will Donato
  • Walle Larsson
  • Ryan Whitehead
  • Paula Atherton
  • Andre Delano
  • Jose Valentino Ruiz
  • Eric Crystal
  • Nevin Dunn
  • Élan Trotman
  • Richard Randolph
  • Mike MacArthur
  • Keith Newton
  • Jeff Kashiwa
  • Steve Cole
  • Art Sherrod Jr.
  • Miguel Ramon
  • Eddie Baccus Jr.
  • Kelly O’Neal


  1. Thanks for spreading the four80east cool tunage around and inviting talented musicians like Teja from around the globe to share your stage… congrats on reaching your 100 musician milestone… new juice means tastier performances! I’m sure they are having as much fun playing as you do… and are discovering that Canada has some seriously funky jazz musicians. Kudos to both of you!

  2. Hey Rob and Tony! It’s an honor to be part of the list of musicians that have played with you! Thank so much for having me, I love your music, such a blast to play it! All the best to the both of you

  3. Hi guys!!! WOW!!! I’m so honored to be featured on your website!! I had a fantastic time performing with you both, and I totally look forward to the next time!!! Yayyy!!! 😀

  4. Hi Guys, I love all your albums, it would be excellent to hear you live in Australia! A tour of Sydney and Melbourne in 2016 or 2017, perhaps? We have plenty of sunshine … and music fans. All the very best to you and thanks for the music!

  5. Rob, Tony,

    Guys, I am honored and humbled to be included in this awesome list! It was my pleasure to share the stage and to share your friendship.

    I wish you guys blessings and continued success!!

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