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Springtime Shows, Berks Jazz Fest

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Hi everybody!

Spring is here and our tour season is starting to pick up! We’re just a few days away from Berks Jazz Fest in Reading, PA. We’ll be playing there twice this weekend, once on Friday at midnight and again on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. We’ll be at Building 24, so we hope to see you there!

Next week after Berks we’ll be stopping at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, MA to play on April 7 at 6:30 p.m. We’re also going to be holding a workshop there in the morning, at 11 a.m. Both of those events are free so come out if you’re in the area!

We’ll be making our return to Jerry Green and Friends in Louisville, KY on May 1, and a few days after that we’ll be playing as part of Jazz on the Vine in Elkhart, WI on May 6. We’ve also got some shows happening later this summer. The first is on August 6 at Lake Norman Queen’s Landing in Moorseville, NC. The second is the next day, August 7, in Birmingham, AL. That show is free as part of the Jazz in the Park series.

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All the best,


  1. Hi Guys

    Come for a holiday to Australia, please. Summer is nigh, and to hear you play Sydney in 2016/17 would be fabulous!

    Positraction is yet another excellent album from you lads. Your music defines, yet defies, the whole ‘nu jazz’ sound best of all, in my opinion. Listening across all your albums, I never thought I’d enjoy the flute so much. The sax playing makes me cry. Don’t get me started on the bass! And the guitar and the keys … really inspired soloing. Such a great mix of melody and beats. The beats! The overall effect is addictive too. In a very good way. Thank you for your music.

    How is the new album coming along? Sorry, that was cheeky. But I am hanging out to hear anything new from you fellows. I love your work!


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