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2016 Wrap-Up

capitalgraphicWell, that just about does it for another season. We had a great summer, with shows in Massachusetts, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Detroit, New York, and Pennsylvania. Next weekend we’re in Texas, then all that’s left is a little thing called the Capital Jazz SuperCruise at the end of the month! This will be our first time on a cruise, and we’re looking forward to a great time. You guys – INCOGNITO is playing on Day Two!!  Then I suppose it’s time to get back in the studio and make some new music…


  1. So this funny thing keeps happening…

    I set my PVR to start on the Stingray Smooth Jazz channel. So, whether I just leave that channel playing in the background, or it defaults to that channel between recorded shows, it is on, a fair bit, when I’m at home.

    As such, I may hear a song I like, but not readily be able to see the title or artist. I have to really like it, to bother checking. Too often, it’s to get the name, so I may purchase it on (I spend too much money on iTunes, I think.)

    It’s starting to freak me out how often ‘that song I like’ turns out to be a Four80East song. I guess you make a fair amount of music in a vibe that’s just right for me. 🙂

    Thanks for all the terrific music! Love it!!

  2. No, thank YOU! 🙂

    Additionally, I learned about the Supercruise because, after so many times finding the song I liked was by Four80East, I finally looked y’all up online, and looked at your calendar. I saw the Jazz Supercruise listed as one of your gigs coming up in October 2016, and thought, ‘Wait. WHAT! There’s a jazz SUPERCRUISE, and I’m just learning about it now?!?!?’

    I couldn’t make it last year. But CapitalJazz will owe my future business to Four80East, as well. That’s how I learned about it! 🙂

  3. Hi Guys

    I hope all is well in Four80East land.

    Is there a new album in the pipeline, by any chance?

    I am really looking forward to hearing some new music from you boys!

    Best wishes

  4. You guys really make my day better. Is there a cruise in 2017? Will you please come on out here to Edmonton!!!!! Mint Julep is my favorite !!!!!

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