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2016 Wrap-Up

capitalgraphicWell, that just about does it for another season. We had a great summer, with shows in Massachusetts, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Detroit, New York, and Pennsylvania. Next weekend we’re in Texas, then all that’s left is a little thing called the Capital Jazz SuperCruise at the end of the month! This will be our first time on a cruise, and we’re looking forward to a great time. You guys – INCOGNITO is playing on Day Two!!  Then I suppose it’s time to get back in the studio and make some new music…


  1. So this funny thing keeps happening…

    I set my PVR to start on the Stingray Smooth Jazz channel. So, whether I just leave that channel playing in the background, or it defaults to that channel between recorded shows, it is on, a fair bit, when I’m at home.

    As such, I may hear a song I like, but not readily be able to see the title or artist. I have to really like it, to bother checking. Too often, it’s to get the name, so I may purchase it on (I spend too much money on iTunes, I think.)

    It’s starting to freak me out how often ‘that song I like’ turns out to be a Four80East song. I guess you make a fair amount of music in a vibe that’s just right for me. 🙂

    Thanks for all the terrific music! Love it!!

  2. No, thank YOU! 🙂

    Additionally, I learned about the Supercruise because, after so many times finding the song I liked was by Four80East, I finally looked y’all up online, and looked at your calendar. I saw the Jazz Supercruise listed as one of your gigs coming up in October 2016, and thought, ‘Wait. WHAT! There’s a jazz SUPERCRUISE, and I’m just learning about it now?!?!?’

    I couldn’t make it last year. But CapitalJazz will owe my future business to Four80East, as well. That’s how I learned about it! 🙂

  3. Hi Guys

    I hope all is well in Four80East land.

    Is there a new album in the pipeline, by any chance?

    I am really looking forward to hearing some new music from you boys!

    Best wishes

  4. You guys really make my day better. Is there a cruise in 2017? Will you please come on out here to Edmonton!!!!! Mint Julep is my favorite !!!!!

  5. Love your music, listening to your SiriusXM sessions right now in fact. Disappointed your Huntsville show got canceled, I was stoked to see you in person. Hope you will make it near here soon. And looking forward to the new material.

  6. Hello Guys, I am a big fan of yours, i live in Holland and i want to know if you are still playing with each other because i dont see any movies on youtube of the past year.
    You are so great, I hope you still make music. Thank you for all the music you have made. greetings Wendy

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